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> La Promo de Deivos "Hostile Blood" est enregistrée.
Contact : deivos@interia.pl

> Un label Bulgare BUTCHERY MUSIC devrait sortir cet automne les 5 titres de "Hostile Blood" avec 2 titres en bonus de leur démo qui seront remastered.


Deivos Band

DEIVOS (POL) "HOSTLE BLOOD" Promo 2003. "Coming from such a land of Death & Terror, you can imagine how thrashing speed this band goes like! Technical with a raw sound that let all instruments coming to my ears (even the bass is heard here!), this is real Extreme judging by the quickness of the riffs a la old SINISTER's "Cross The Styx" a classic! DEIVOS goes even faster, that's why I'm real impressed by their skilful abilities and you know what? They do leads as well, this rules!! Really quick & precise performance, twisted as the gates of Hell, if you liked old SINISTER this band goes a step ahead in their own supra-technical arrangements & billions of breaks… BUY OR DIE!!!!! "
Liquid Of Life

Ma Playlist de Juin :
- Deivos : "Hostile Blood" CDR 2003
- Coffin Texts : "Gods of Creation, ..." CD 2000
- Deteriorot : "In Ancient Beliefs" CD 2003
- Funeral Mist : "Salvation" CD 2003
- Unfragment : "In Meanderings of Aïn-Soph" CD 2003
- Throneum : "Bestial Anitihuman Evil" MnCD 2003
- Merciless : "The Awakening + live Bonus" CD 1999
- Morbid Execution : "Necrotorment" demo tape 2002

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